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The Horns:

Circa 1917 Olds Large-Bore Trombone (Frank Henniger)
Circa 1920 Olds Bass Trombone
Early 1920's Olds Small/Small Medium TIS Standard Trombone
Late 1920's Olds Symphony TIS Standard Trombone
Circa 1935 Olds Eb TIS Alto Trombone
Circa 1933 Olds LM Self-Balancing Trombone w/fancy engraving
Circa 1934 Olds LM-7 Military Trombone
Circa 1935 Olds LLM Self-Balancing Trombone w/f-attachment
Circa 1935 Olds Self-Balancing Trombone (two-tone bell)
Olds R-7 Radio and LM-7 Radio City Trombones
Early Super Olds Trombone with Bear Counterweight
Mid/Late 1930's TIS Standard with Hammered Finish
Circe 1938 Self-Balancing with Streamline Braces

Circa 1938 "Wide Tone Ring" Super Trombone
Pre-WWII Super Olds Single F and Double French horns
R. B. Olds Engraved Super Olds Trombone
Circa 1939 Olds Feather Weight Trombone
Circa 1941 Olds Double-Rotor Bass Trombone
Oversize Super Olds Trombone w/f-attachment
Circa 1946 Olds Standard (bell-tuning) Trombone
Circa 1946 LLM-8 Super Olds Trombone (Stanley Plog)
Circa 1947 Olds Standard Double-Rotor Bass Trombone
Circa 1949 Olds Double-Rotor Bass Trombone
Circa 1949 Olds US-marked Tenor Trombone w/f-attachment
Early 1960's Olds TIS Bass Trombones (Jerry Rosa)
1973 Olds F-15 F Alto Trombone
1973 Olds P-15 Custom Trombone
1978 Olds P-16 Custom Trombone
Olds Super S-24G and Custom P-24G Bass Trombones

Pre-WWII Williams Medium-Bore w/f-attachment
Strickler Trombone
Medium Bore "The Wallace Trombone"

Want to try one of these horns? Perhaps that can be arranged. No, I won't pack it up and ship it to you, but if you're going to be in my neck of the woods (Anaheim, CA, USA), send me an email and we'll see if we can work something out.

Coming Attractions:
I've got several other interesting horns, and will be putting them up as time allows (if there is one you're particularly interested in, let me know and I'll try to move it to the front of the queue):

Circa 1917 LM TIS Standard