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Olds Central
Dedicated primarily to Olds trumpets and cornets, but there's a lot of good stuff for any Olds fan.

Robb Stewart
I could just link to Robb's Olds page, but then you might miss all the other stuff. He adds a new article to his museum section almost every week.

Say what you like about living in the Los Angeles area, but there's some really great repair guys around here:
John Sandhagen/The Boneyard
John is located in Claremont, CA (a little over 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles).

Bruce Belo
Bruce is located in Anaheim; sorry he doesn't have a website, but if you Google his name, his contact info is out there.

Robb Stewart
Robb is located in Arcadia, CA (near Pasadena).

Other Makes:
Contempora Corner
All things Reynolds.

The Conn Loyalist
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Sites of General Interest:
The Trombone Forum
Sage advice, spirited debate, bad jokes, and the occasional terrible pun.
Down for repairs as of this writing.

Trombone Chat
A newer, more closely moderated alternative to the old Trombone Forum.

Website and forum dedicated to gathering and disseminating information on all manner of antique, vintage, and obsolete brass instruments.